The Foundation and Association of Colonels have met with the Homeland Union's – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) party representatives. 

The participants have discussed matters of defence: conscription and the structure of the military. The leaders of Homeland Union were interested, what type of military Lithuania needs and how the latter should look like in ten or fifteen year's time. It was agreed that greater spending for security will not increase state's security by itself- Lithuania needs- clear strategy, where to allocate additional funds.

The director of Association of Colonels reserve colonel Eugenijus Vosylius noted that "we must know, what we are seeking now. It is especially important talking about conscription because present state contains a great deal of ambiguity".

Member of Parliament Andrius Kubilius favored the latter notion, saying that it is not necessary to wait for 2020 to increase defence budget up to 2%, when this could be done by 2018. In addition, such questions as integration of veterans, appropriate usage of defence funds, need of clear military vision and conscription were discussed during the meeting.

This meeting is the first one in a series of meetings with Lithuanian political parties in order to attract attention to the security challenges of the state and region.

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