The National Defence Foundation and Association of Colonels have met with the representatives of Liberal Movement party.

During the meeting, the wider strategy of state defence, conscription and cooperation with Lithuania's allies were discussed. The representatives of Liberal Movement have stressed the need to decide, what is the final vision of Lithuanian military. According to them, only then it could become more easy to answer the crucial questions: what military equipment to purchase and answer the need of conscription.

Talking about cooperation with allies in NATO, the director of National Defence Foundation reserve colonel Vaidotas Malinionis has said that "they look not only to the real capabilities but also to one's will to defend themselves" and this is why "we must demonstrate it." The meeting ended with agreement to continue the cooperation and discuss state security challenges in the future.

This meeting is the second one in a series of meetings with Lithuanian political parties in order to attract attention to the security challenges of the state and region. Previously, the Foundation representatives have met the Homeland Union's – Lithuanian Christian Democrats party.

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