On 19 January Foundation held a conference "The Role of Society in Defence Security Context" in London, during which citizen's role ensuring the security of state was discussed.

Conference speakers- researchers, journalists and public servants agreed that states in the Baltic Sea region face great internal and external challenges. Moreover, the Baltic States are too small to leave the security of state only to the state apparatus. Citizens must also do their part in strengthening their country. This could take various forms such as volunteering, active non-governmental organisations and other ways. The hearts and minds of citizens are the main targets of disinformation from the East. Society should strengthen it's capabilities to adequately and critically evaluate information received. Here the role of free and objective media is crucial. Finally, we all should put higher trust to the allies in NATO and other friends in the region in order to ensure common security together. For help, organizing the meeting with London's Lithuanian community Foundation is grateful to the Lithuanian ambassador to the United Kingdom Asta Skaisgirytė.

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