International conference: „Strengthening Social Resilience Against Hybrid Threats in the Baltic Region “, is scheduled to be held on 2017 March 03, in Vilnius. This conference will be organized in cooperation between the National Defence Foundation, and the National Security and Defence Committee of Lithuania.

National Defence Foundation is a non-governmental organization which has a goal to enhance Lithuania's national security through the support of democratic processes in Lithuania and the region. One of our activities is to deliver strategic insights, assessments and recommendations to Lithuanian and foreign non-governmental institutions and policy makers. We believe it is very important to enlighten our society, politicians, governmental and non-governmental institutions about the threats that the region is facing.


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06 02 2017, Host Nation Support cluster organised a Seminar:"Planning of the Strategic Resourses and Acquisitions"



On December 20, the National Defence Foundation and the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation have signed an agreement for cooperation. The Foundation has already agreed to help finance one of NDF's current projects and is considering to support National Defence Foundation's future work. We would like to thank the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation for the support and we hope see successful cooperation between our foundations continuing in the future!BFF

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The International Conference

Vilnius, Lithuania 03 March 2016

Sponsors: National Security and Defense Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

Signatories: The National Defense Foundation, (LTU) The Jamestown Foundation, (USA) The Casimir Pulaski Foundation (POL), The Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (UKR), The International Centre for Defence and Security, (EST)

Topic: Strengthening Social Resilience Against Hybrid Challenges in the Baltic Region

The signatories of the conference, stressing the fact that the legitimacy of internal Russian politics is built to a large extent on confrontation with NATO and the West, and noting that the gap between Russia and the West is growing, thereby creating a situation that is particularly troubling and disconcerting to regional democracies in the Baltic,

Encourage all supporters of democratic processes and promoters of security in the Baltic Region to collaborate closely for the purpose of strengthening peace and security in the Region.

Urge all states of the region to unite in their efforts against Russian aggression.

Call upon the governments of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine to step forward and immediately initiate the organization of strategic Wargaming for the purpose of increasing regional interoperability among the Baltic Sea states and their regional neighbors in order to identify and mould regional deterrence against Russian aggression in the Baltic.

Call upon NATO, the EU and the United States to expand mutual preventative measures and reinforce deterrence in the Baltic Region

Declare that for the better coordination and facilitation of strategic Wargaming processes we are announcing the establishment of International Network of Security Experts for the Baltic Region with the coordination center headed by National Defence Foundation.

Invite security experts and other relevant institutions from Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, USA, Germany and other countries to join the International Network of Security Experts for the Baltic Region.




National Defence Foundation                                           Mr. Vaidotas MALINIONIS


The Jamestown Foundation                                             Mr. Glen HOWARD


The Casimir Pulaski Foundation                                       Mr. Zbigniew PISARSKI


Center of Army, Conversion                                             Mr. Genadij ROKICKIJ

and Disarmament Studies


The International Centre                                                   Mr. Dimitri TEPERIK

for Defence and Security     


Eastern Europe Studies Center                                        Mr. Laurynas KASČIŪNAS


Center for Political Analysis and Prognosis                      Mr. Pavel Usov

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